Shoulder Bag

shoulder-bagI couldn’t sleep until late last night (technically this morning). I stayed up later than usual to catch Conan O’Brien’s final show as the host of Late Night (I’m so excited that he’s coming to Burbank) and was unable to go to bed after that. It must have been the couple cups of hot green tea I had earlier that night. But I knew I had to force myself to sleep when informercials started showing on all channels!

My insomnia did, however, lead me to complete the Shoulder Bag from Tiny Happy’s tutorial that I had started earlier that night. I love any project that I can finish in one day and I especially loved this pattern because it didn’t require any intricate techniques or time-consuming steps (making cute things don’t need to be difficult!). It was pretty much cut the fabrics and sew them together! The instruction was very easy to follow and the pictures accompanying them really helped me understand the process.

I really liked how the bag turned out and I’m certain that I’m going to use it. I used Amy Butler’s August Fields Bright Buds Moss for the bag and a brown fabric with little tiny flowers that I bought from local Jo-Ann for the lining. I had purchased this green fabric by Amy a while back and although I loved it, I really didn’t know what to do with it until now. It slept in my stash for almost three months before turning into this lovely bag. I love it when a good fabric meets a wonderful pattern that gives the breath of life to it. Next time I make this (and I’m sure I’ll make more), I will probably use a different lining though. The brown color, I realized a little too late, didn’t go so well with Amy’s vibrant green and looked too dominant and overpowering. I used the batting fleece to hold the shape together.

shoulder-bag-strapInstead of sewing two straps together as the instruction stated, I decided to connect them using Velcro strips because I felt that this bag could give a different look with different lengths of the strap (it gives a feeling of a messenger bag when long, and a cute fashionable bag when short) and didn’t want to commit to one just yet. Having the Velcro will allow me to adjust it depending on my mood for that day. I was afraid that the shoulder part would come out too bulky with the Velcro but it didn’t. I would probably make the entire strap a little thinner next time (I made mine 4” wide thinking that wider straps would give more stability but it was just too wide. I should have struck with the 3.5” suggested on the pattern).

I can’t wait to take this around town this weekend!


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