Handmade Wallet

handmade-walletThe Academy Awards is for women what Super Bowl is for men, and I am unapologetically addicted to it, from the red carpet to the post-show interviews. I was pleasantly surprised to find this year’s show extremely entertaining, thanks to Hugh Jackman’s flawless and charming performance! I truly enjoyed the part where past winners came out to salute the current nominees for Best Actor and Actress awards. And I want to give bravos to two Japanese winners for Best Animation Short (domo arigato, Mr. Robotto) and Best Foreign Film for representing Japan’s talents!

While I enjoyed the show, I kept my hands busy to continue my dry run for my sister’s birthday gift. The idea #2 was a handmade wallet. It would not be an overstatement when I say that I started sewing because I wanted to make a wallet, so I was really excited to finally dive into this. I got the inspiration from The*Darn*Kat when I found this Quilted Wallet Tutorial. I didn’t follow the tutorial entirely because I wanted to keep the design really simple and not use the patchwork, but this tutorial definitely gave me great pointers on how to make the credit card slots. I used the wallet I have as a guideline for the positioning of all pockets and the placement of the magnetic snaps.

I’m really happy with the way it came out and I think this is the winner. I’m hoping that the new fabrics I ordered last week will arrive soon so I can make the wallet using one of Amy Butler or Joel Dewberry’s designs for my sister’s gift. I wish I still had some Belle fabrics left because they are so beautiful but I’m afraid I don’t have enough to make another wallet (shucks). I still have a long way to perfect it though — urgh!

(And sorry for the awful picture here!)


One thought on “Handmade Wallet

  1. Just found your site about the darn.kat wallet. Am having trouble with the credit card slots. according to the measurements the first are: 0.75,1.75 and 1.75 which makes the first slot too short for any card. Are those numbers correct? I know you said you made adjustments. did you have any problems with this step? Am I missing something? If I fold and stitch on the 0.75 (which should be the top), the second measurement (at 1.75)should be the bottom of the first slot and the next 1.75 should be the top of the next slot which makes the slot too short. What am I missing?? I know this is a year later but I hope you find this memo and post a reply. Thanks!!

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