Afternoon of Baking: Magnolia Chocolate Cupcakes


I spent the afternoon baking cupcakes for my friend’s birthday. I’ve been so consumed with my new craft obsessions that I’ve neglected baking for a long time, but as I stood by the kitchen counter and dusted off my pink Kitchenaid mixer, I realized how much I’ve missed it!

I’m a self-proclaimed cupcake addict (my boyfriend can attest to this – he rushes me to nearby cupcake shops frequently when I’m attacked with the withdrawal) and I can’t get enough of those little sweet morsels but today’s designer cupcakes alas Sprinkles and Dots, although excellent, can cost a fortune! That’s why I try to bake them at home as much as I can, especially for occasions like a friend’s birthday.

I used a recipe from a book, More from Magnolia, by Allysa Torey, owner of New York’s famous bakery. I selected Magnolia Chocolate Cupcakes with its Cream Cheese Icing. With pastel flower made out of fondant sitting pretty on top of each cupcake, they are as cute as the ones you find at hip cupcake shops! (I wrote about the day of baking on my other blog, here).

No dessert represents spring the way cupcakes do 🙂


By the way, I was able to make a total of 30 cupcakes from the batch (the recipe said two dozens but I was able to make more) so I was able to bake almost $113 worth of Magnolia Cupcakes ($3.75 x 30 = $112.50) for about $20 I spent on the ingredients! Maybe I should really think about going into a bakery business!

P.S. (April 6, 2009):   I’m happy to report that my friend, Noelle, enjoyed the cupcakes!  Hooray 🙂