Carb Loading at Pizzeria Mozza


I stopped watching MTV circa 1993 (around the time I graduated high school) when music videos vanished, only to be replaced by silly reality shows. There is, however, one program that I still enjoy watching once in a while called Made, a show that helps “make” one lucky teen’s dream a reality every week. I wish a Made Coach can storm into my life too and make me into a 10k runner in the next several weeks. I am running / walking the Santa Monica 10k and while I signed up for the race a month ago, I am still shamefully out of shape and utterly unprepared.  I’m getting a bit panicked now that the race date is so near … but I guess the only thing I can do now is to get serious and start training, even without the luxury of having a coach. I hope these teens know how lucky they are to have all the support in the world to realize their dreams!

Well, if I’m going to run a race, I would need to load up on the carbohydrate and what better way to do it than by enjoying the best pizza in town at Pizzeria Mozza on Highland and Melrose. Believe all the hype you hear about the place because they are all true. I’ll blog about the experience in my food blog a little later but in the meantime, enjoy the photos on top.  And yes, I am aware that eating carb without actually running is like taking a pay advance on the work you haven’t yet performed, thank you very much.


As for the craft, I made a memo pad cover and gave it to my sister this afternoon when we met up for lunch. Her blue one matches the one I have in pink.  Cheers to the sister power.


(A little update:  I did it! I ran the race and had a blast!)