Kid’s Raglan Pullover


I have so many unfinished, armless sweaters tucked away in the corner of my room. What typically happens is by the time I complete the front and the back, I lose interest in the project and move on to a new one. And the cycle starts all over again … and again .. .and again (talk about craft ADD). The irony of it all is that my latest deserted project is a raglan – a sleeve pattern first designed to fit the armless.


I started this kid’s stripe raglan pullover sweater when my friend K’s baby bun was still in her oven. It’s been several weeks since the bundle of joy became the member of this world. I’m happy that I started knitting a sweater for a boy instead of an infant because by the time I finish it, he will already be walking, talking, or going off to college!

The pattern is very easy to follow and I like the playfulness of the color and design. My biggest nightmare, however, is all the weaving I have to do at the end. I love the stripe pattern but my goodness, weaving in all these yarns is going to be a pain! eek

Well, my friend K, your baby sweater will be coming to you shortly.


Baby Blanket


Babies are everywhere now. I know of at least five friends that recently welcomed the bundle of joy to the world, and there are at least a few more on the way. I wonder if there were no good movies showing nine months ago that couples were forced to stay home … or maybe it’s just that I’m reaching that certain age were it is natural for couples to start a family. Nonetheless, it’s a real blissful time! Now, if I can get caught up on all the baby gifts …

At least I got one out of the way for the baby shower next Sunday – a real simple, off white baby blanket. I don’t even know the name of the stitch I used but it’s the one where you *K1, P1, repeat from * to end on the first row, K all the way across the second row, and repeat these two rows until the blanket is big enough (I told you I don’t like patterns). I can’t wait to meet the baby, and I hope she will like the gift.


Akina from Rowan Bamboo Tape Collection

akina-frontThank you so much for finding my blog!

Although this is my first post here, I’m actually not new to the blogsphere. I’ve been blogging for the last year or so at a site called, “Time for Dinner,” where I ramble on about good eats in the Los Angeles suburb. I will continue to post there although probably not regularly, as my interest now lean toward more crafty, less caloric hobbies of knitting and sewing.

I fell in love with knitting about two years ago and recently discovered the fun of sewing. I’m still novice at both but try to devote as much time as I possibly can between my day job to hone my skills. I am embarrassed to admit that I only know how to knit, purl, and k2tg, so I only select patterns that use those three methods but my goal for 2009 is to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new!

akina-backThe first completed project of 2009 is Akina from Rowan Bamboo Tape Collection. I used the Nashua Creative Focus Worsted in Copper instead of the bamboo tape because they were a little more cost effective and I wanted something really warm and cozy for the winter season. I was quite happy with the deep, rich, autumn color the yarn produced but wasn’t all that keen on the overall outcome.

I know it’s partially my fault because I inadvertently knit this couple sizes bigger than my frame but the shoulder part came out way too bulky, making me look very top heavy. I think it looks beautiful on a form but not really on me and I’m not too sure if I would wear it (maybe at home). But I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan and I look forward to knitting other cute garments from the book soon.