Spring Fabric Shopping

I picked up sewing by accident, really. I went into a neighborhood mega store a few months back to pick up a DVD and instead came out hauling a giant box of Singer sewing machine that was on sale for about 75 bucks. I don’t know what came over me since I didn’t even know how to sew, but I’m so glad I did because I can now attempt to create whatever clothes I want to wear or bags I want to carry, instead of some overpriced department stores dictating what I should. I would love to fill my closet with all handmade things someday — knitted sweaters, hand-sewn dresses and creative bags — but of course, I fear that my friends will think I’ve become a tree hugging, anti-establishment unibomber sidekick. They already think I live the life of a 60-year-old grandma with 15 cats.

I was attacked by an intense urge to replenish my fabric stash last night and ended up ordering these fabrics from Fabric.com. Spring must be in the air because I found myself ordering all floral designs with vibrant, spring-y colors by Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler, two of my favorite designers. I also noticed that many of the designs are somewhat similar, which I tend to do. I’m definitely one of those people who have her favorite shirt in different colors. I’m also not afraid to have duplicate garments even if it risks people thinking that I’m wearing the same shirt for two consecutive days. Maybe I’ll make something out of (gasp) a red fabric (I don’t like red on me) someday, but not now. Not just yet.


(Clockwise from top left: Joel Dewberry Ginseng Orchid Celery, Amy Butler Daisy Chain Deco Rose Navy, Amy Butler Lotus Tree Peony Ivory, Amy Butler Nigella Twill Passion Vine Grey, Amy Butler Nigella Twill Grandiflora Maroon, Amy Butler Daisy Chain Water Garden Forest).